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ID by saykha ID :iconsaykha:saykha 2 3 The Father's Hand by saykha The Father's Hand :iconsaykha:saykha 23 9
“I wonder if it’ll be painful when I hit the ground”, Jacob thought as he stared down from his position on the bridge.  “It should be quick though … it’ll have to do.
He was looking down at the ground far below.  He closed his swollen eyes as he leaned forward, clinging to the rails behind him with his hands.  “If I let go now, I’ll just fall … I’ll fall and all of this will go away.”  He was shivering, but he wasn't afraid to die.  It was living that terrified him.  Life became unbearable after the invasion.
He felt the tugging of the wind on his clothes and he opened his eyes.  He was hanging from the edge of a bridge, overlooking the city.  The bridge was quite high, connecting two hills.  A small stream was moving somberly far below the bridge.  From his perch he had a good broad view of the desolated city a couple of miles away.
Almost not
:iconsaykha:saykha 1 3
The sun rose the day you were born
and Earth and Heaven cheered with Me,
knowing a great daughter has been born,
a soldier of great destiny.
And in life she will rise with hope,
and at times she'll be cast down.
But she will find Me on her knees,
and so her strength, in Me, is found.
So fear not my love,
I am with you.
You have more strength than you think.
You have the power deep in you,
to make cities crumble
and mountains sink.
For life might seem to cast you down
you will rise unscathed and stronger,
until that day I strike them down
and I uplift you like a tower.
And all will tell you in that day
We never knew that God could do this
But you were faithful and your feet stayed,
My hand carried you through it.
So when the sun turns to black
and the night starts to fall,
Do not fear, do not relent
Remember who you are.
:iconsaykha:saykha 6 7
The Mirror
Seduced were her hands,
as her fingers traced the delectable edge
of the shimmering shattered glass.
In remembrance she smelled
the beauty of her own reflection,
as she had endeared upon her radiance
in a time when she had kept the mirror whole.
how it still sang out to her,
these shattered shards of memories past.
Until her remembrance whispered
why she broke the mirror long ago.
Trapped was her heart
in the confines of that frame.
Blinded, she saw none but herself.
Until one day she saw a shimmering light
and it gave light to her corruption and filth.
In horror she pulled her hands to herself,
knowing the mirror will make her forget.
That she saw a light that was virtuous and true.
She must chase it
until in her hands it is set.
:iconsaykha:saykha 7 1
So Many Stripes by saykha So Many Stripes :iconsaykha:saykha 13 3
Excerpt: Grandpa
"Heroes never live long", my grandpa always used to say, "When you offer your heart to the masses, it gets consumed very quickly. There isn't much to show in the end ... not much of the hero, anyway." He always used to look so somber when he said it, like he had suffered a terribly deep loss once, under the name a hero.
I always wanted to ask him what happened, but I never could. You can see in a person's eyes which questions would topple them over the edge, into utter despair.
:iconsaykha:saykha 1 2
Through the Ash
If you look closely, through the darkened ash, you could see the silhouette of beasts with wings on their backs. The battle had left the air thick with dust and death, making it almost impossible to see anything.  Strange ... how the faint glimpse of the winged creatures terrified me more than the sound of the person choking on their last breath next to me.
:iconsaykha:saykha 5 0
It itches ... by saykha It itches ... :iconsaykha:saykha 12 1 Cherry Blossom Tree - Craft by saykha Cherry Blossom Tree - Craft :iconsaykha:saykha 1 3 Worthy is the Lamb by saykha Worthy is the Lamb :iconsaykha:saykha 15 3 Nose by saykha Nose :iconsaykha:saykha 6 2 For the Love of Music by saykha For the Love of Music :iconsaykha:saykha 4 4 Winter by saykha Winter :iconsaykha:saykha 2 5
Testimony: God saves a man from hi-jackers
The day God hi-jacked the hi-jackers
An article published in Christian Living Today Magazine
Gauteng-based evangelists, Des and Ros Sinclair have overcome many near-death experiences through their faith in God. Al Gibson captures their extraordinary lives and ministry in the book Life On the Line. Here is a short extract:
Ros and Des Sinclair have experienced God’s supernatural protection many times, and have seen how the Lord can intervene to change people’s hearts and bring about reconciliation between different races, but little did they expect what God would do to show them some light at the end of the tunnel when it came to combating crime in their own lives.
White man, you deserve to die
On 8 May 2002 Des was driving to Soshenguve Township north of Pretoria, where he was scheduled to preach at a high school. It was 6:30am when he was held up by four armed men.
“Get out of the car or we’ll kill you!” one man said, leaning through
:iconsaykha:saykha 5 8
To Climb by saykha To Climb :iconsaykha:saykha 10 8


One of the things I have asked many Atheists is this:  "Is not believing in God really logical?"  I can understand that, from an atheist’s point-of-view, you can only believe in something you’ve seen or what science has proved to be real.  This I can understand.  If everything points to the proof that there is no God, then yes, I would completely get why atheists believe in the things they do.  But it’s not like that:  not everything in the Universe points to the proof that there is no God.  It’s almost the opposite really.  

You see, the way everything is set up in our bodies, in the world, in the very Universe, directs us to the proof that there was a “great designer”.  Everything is so complex, so intricately woven together, yet so precise, that to think that it all happened by accident really is a ridiculous theory.  Atheism, whom revels in its logic, really has an illogical point here.  Life, and the physical world we live in, could not all have happened by accident, out of nothing.  It’s just impossible. 

Image result for Michio Kaku

World renowned scientist, Michio Kaku, actually stated through a new theory that there must be a God, or an “intelligent designer”.  He theorised this by studying “primitive semi – radius tachyons“, which are theoretical particles that have the ability to “unstick” matter in the Universe or vacuum space between particles - essentially leaving everything free from the influence of the universe.  This made him come to the conclusion that the Universe was created through design, and not random chaos

Mr Kaku stated, “I have concluded that we are in a world made by rules created by an intelligence.  Believe me, everything that we call chance today won't make sense anymore.  To me it is clear that we exist in a plan which is governed by rules that were created, shaped by a universal intelligence and not by chance. “  He goes on by stating that God is a mathematician, which I can’t agree with more. 

Although Mr Kaku is not a Christian, he concluded that science can no longer say that “there is no God”, “there is no Designer”, “there is no Creator” – none of this happened by chance.

Now, taking all of these things into consideration, is it really logical to say “There is no God”?  Please let me know guys - I'd like to hear your thoughts.

Link to Mr Kaku's new theory:…

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For my Christian friends, have you ever submitted a testimony (online) on how you gave your life to Jesus? 

14 deviants said No, but I really want to
6 deviants said No, I don't want to share it.
5 deviants said Yes! And here's a link to it!


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