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Submitted on
October 25, 2007
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Once, there was a child
who didn't know which way to turn
She just sat there staring
watching her village burn.

She didn't run from the fire
Why should she run?
She was watching her people die
Soldiers killing them for fun.

She didn't scream like the others,
or even run for her life
She didn't grab something to defend herself
too filled with strive
She just sat there in silence
Tears rolling down her cheeks
Watching the soldiers kill her people
Hidden behind a pile of old bricks

She could not scream
She could not run
She could not cry
She could only wait to live,
or even to die
The fire was burning nearer and she knew she should run
Either be seen by the soldiers
or burn like the sun

But she never moved from that place
Fear and sorrow in her heart
The fire soon reached her
Burning her body and soul apart

She didn't feel any pain
Her final tear dropping on the floor
And then darkness finally took her
And she felt no more...
hey :butterflytwo: this was my very first poem - i wrote it 6 years ago

i know there's spelling errors and stuff like that but english isnt my first language so please understand ^^;

i hope you like it though

I give :icon100themeschallenge: permission to use this deviation
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mode-de-vie Apr 5, 2008  Student Writer
This is very sad, but very well written. You definitely make the situation come alive with your words. I could see a very clear with this poem. :) Great job.
saykha Apr 6, 2008  Student Writer
thank you so much :hug: means alot to me
So sad, nice imagery.
saykha Apr 6, 2008  Student Writer
thank you
DavisJes Nov 22, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
sad but beautiful
saykha Nov 22, 2007  Student Writer
thank you :aww:

looks like you went through most of my poems - thank you :dance: - really means alot to me :heart:
That's so sad, :(
This poem reminds me when you told me about these domestic wars.
really good, :clap:
saykha Oct 25, 2007  Student Writer
thank u :aww: it really means alot to me :heart:
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